Since October 2010, the Bettie Brigade has provided a home away from home on the track for both our athletes and their families.  We provide a safe, compassionate, and competitive environment for women to learn the awesome sport of roller derby!  We also provide excellent opportunities for those who aren't interested in skating, but just love roller derby!


                                                                   2018 Season Schedule

  • February 10 (Home): Rodeo City Rollergirls @Rollin 253

  • March 17th Away : Wine Country Crushers

  • April 28th (Home): Wine Country Crushers @Rollin 253

  • May 19th (Away): NorthWest Derby Company @ Bremerton Skateland

  • June 9th (Home): Air Raid Roller Girls @Rollin 253

  • August 25th(Home): Willamette Kidney Thieves @Rollin 253

  • September (Away): Dockyard Derby Dames

  • Sept 29th(home): Bettie vs Bettie @Rollin 253

Home bouts will be at the beautiful Rollin 253 Skating and Community Center in Tacoma, WA! 



The Best Brigade Around

 Photo Credit: Charles Maclauchlan

Photo Credit: Charles Maclauchlan

Learn to leave your signature bruise on an opponent!  We are always looking for new skaters, no experience required!  Come to a practice or one of our recruiting events. We also love volunteers, no skating required!

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We are Bettie Strong

Make sure you know what we look like before you come see us fly around the track!  It might be difficult to pick us out when we're hitting, juking, and whipping each other around!  We are Bettie Strong and our photos prove it!

Meet the Betties

Your Home Away from Home

 Photo Credit: Charles Maclauchlan

Photo Credit: Charles Maclauchlan

The JBLM Bettie Brigade skates out of Rollin' 253 located at 2101 W. Mildred Street, Tacoma, Washington 98466. We practice Sundays 9am-11am and Wednesdays from 8pm-10pm.  Swing by a practice and see what we are all about! 

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